Att. Assoc. Prof. Dr. T. Ayhan BEYDOĞAN

Assoc. Prof. Dr. T. Ayhan Beydoğan served as Founding Head of the Department of Sectoral Competition and Consumer Rights at the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (-ICTA- known as the Telecommunications Authority when established) which was established in 2000 as a regulatory authority in the telecommunications sector. He played an active role in both the preparation of the secondary statute, which was made for the first time, and the renewal of the GSM concession agreements signed with the ICTA. He was among the representatives of the ICTA in the merger of two GSM operators,  Aria and Aycell.

Mr. Beydoğan served as Board Member from 2004 to 2014 and as Vice Chairman between 2010 and 2014 at the ICTA.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Beydoğan, during his tenure as Head of Department and Board Member, was present in the preparation of the secondary statute, attended the meetings during which significant decisions were made regarding the sector, contributed to the preparations for international arbitration cases and represented Turkey and the ICTA during a number of international meetings held by international organizations.
Holding the title of Assoc. Prof. Dr. in Administrative Law, Mr. Beydoğan teaches Administrative Law to undergraduate students and Electronic Communications Regulations and Competition and Electronic Communications Law to graduate students at several universities in Turkey.


Having a 30-year experience in communications, remote management and security and defense sectors, Dr. Karakuş provides business development and consultancy services on the national and international scale and develops authentic resolutions.

Dr. Karakuş is also conducting studies as a specialist in such areas as sectoral feasibility research, programs management of fund consolidation and risk and variance analysis.
Through his expertise, Mr. Karakuş develops quality and qualified understanding of services which creates awareness and supports entrepreneurs in terms of projecting ideas and seeking possibilities for suitable grants and loans.