Electronic Communications (Telecommunication) Regulation

The conditions of communications across the world are rapidly changing. The proliferation of new technologies and the trend toward liberalization and privatization have paved the way for telecommunications markets, causing regulatory authorities to make new regulations and new decisions.
On the other hand, the development of regulation is shaping the future of telecommunications, media and information technologies. Every regulation that the regulatory authorities make in the electronic communications market has at the same time a direct influence upon the revenues of operators and affects advantaged and disadvantaged players in the market.
Another important issue that should not be overlooked is the correlation between regulation  and competition. The nature of regulation is changing. Ex-ante regulations are being replaced by ex-post regulations. This has enhanced the importance of the competition policies, making them have a priority.
In addition, with convergence, the sectoral limits between networks and platforms are lifted. With these limits lifted, publishing, media and electronic communications sectors  intertwine. The intertwining of these sectors leads to regulation gaps or makes these regulations more complicated. The regulation gaps and complicated regulations create some hesitations for operators in practice and these hesitations cause violations of regulations.
These developments in the sector have made the issue of regulation a prior matter for operators, as the regulations that the ICTA makes directly affect operators. The regulation departments at operators have become the most important divisions within the body of these operators.
At this point, regulation consultancy steps in. Regulation consultancy provides opportunities for operators in evaluating, understanding and directing the regulation policies and decisions within the law systems pertaining to the market.
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