Electronic Communications Law

In Electronic Communications (Telecommunication) Law, , the Telephone and Telegram Act of 1924 with Number 406 was practiced as the basic law until 2008 in Turkey. In additon to this, the Radio Law of 1983 remained in force until 2008 as well. The Electronic Communications Law dated November 05, 2008 with Number 5809 came into force on November 10, 2008 for the adaptation with the EU Acquis and in order to bring together all the other electronic communications statutes under a single law. This law brought new regulations in a number of issues from authorization regime, access and tariffs to competition, consumer rights and spectrum policies.
Besides bringing a number of new verdicts as per the adaptation with the EU Acquis, this law also inserted temporary provisions into these contracts by reiterating that activities are conducted with the concession agreements, that these agreements are yet to expire and by taking into consideration the principle of pacta sunt servanda.
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