Consumer Rights Law in the Electronic Communications Sector

Consumer rights have been regulated with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. The regulation pertaining to consumer rights in sectoral base was made for the first time in the telecommunications sector with the Wireless Law with number 2813. It was made a detailed regulation with the Electronic Communications Law implemented afterwards. The aim of “the observation of consumer rights” was mentioned among the objectives in the Electronic Communications Law.
Consumers, besides being protected by the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights in a general term, have also been provided with an additional protection in the electronic communications sector under the Electronic Communications Law. Thus, there is a quite broad secondary statute as to consumers on the sectoral base as well.
The electronic communications sector is also changing at an unprecedented pace and each day, more and more people are using electronic communications devices.
As a result, conflicts may emerge in a number of issues between operators and consumers. Some of these controversies are solved by the ICTA within the resolution mechanism about consumer complaints. However, more important conflicts are taken to court.
Beydoğan Law and Consulting takes on an important role in the resolution of disputes pertaining to consumers and sectoral regulations.