Beydoğan Law and Consulting provides legal assistance through its years of experience to clients especially on information technologies and electronic communications. Attorney Associate Professor Dr. T. Ayhan Beydoğan, founder of our firm, served in different positions at the Information and Communications Technologies Authority (ICTA) since its establishment until the end of April 2014, and he is among those who have the extensive national and international experience in the field of electronic communications.
Ayhan Beydoğan, serving as Head of Department, Board member and the Vice Chairman at the ICTA, has 14 years of experience and knowledge in that specific area. Mr. Beydoğan assumed duties and responsibilities of strategic importance in the establishment of competition and regulations and the implementation of these regulations in the sector. He now provides consulting services to institutions and agencies as to the administration of regulation risks through his extensive experience and knowledge in the field.
Beydoğan Law and Consulting represents its clients in national and international arbitration cases and domestic courts in legal disputes that can emerge in information technologies and electronic communications and postal sectors. It also provides obiter dictum for national and international arbitration cases and domestic litigations.